Monday, July 23, 2012

Orange County Art Walk

A brand new website has recently been released by the fine folks at House of Designers. Within a simple click you can find yourself at the OC Art Walk, a site devoted to artists who reside in Orange County of Southern California. There you will find out about local OC art headlines, events, features and profiles of artists in Orange County.

The OC Art Walk's site is cleanly made, easy to navigate and has a little Razzle Dazzle but not enough to slow down the site from downloading.  The first artists that have the honor to be profiled on the OC Art Walk include Elena Bulatova, Teresa Shippy, Noemi Barajas, Abraham Acosta, Jessica Jo, Tobias White, Jaime Johnson, Steev Creeper, Paulina Ruiz, and Michael McGinn.

OC Art Walk's ultimate goal is to help the artists of the OC to gain exposure and to create a stronger art community. So come on by and check out the OC Art Walk , and if you want to always be in the know then hop on over and 'Like" their Facebook page, so you can be kept updated with their headlines and to help support their noble cause.

P.S. All you artists of the OC come on by contact the site and help this site grow and help strengthen our art community!

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