Like most artists I have been drawing all my life. It was during my teen years when the seed of passion for illustration was first planted. This happened when my mom brought home compendium books of illustrator artwork and as I leafed through their pages my imagination was set aflame. Later I went into the Marine Corps for five years which put any career in art on hold, but because of the GI Bill, grants and only a few student loans I was able to purse a proper education in art with little financial debt. My military service also provided me with a variety of skills and a work ethic which will continue to shape my life. I have now recently graduated with honors from Cal State Fullerton and gained a BFA in Illustration. With this degree I am pursuing a career in visual development with either the video game, toy or movie industry.

My main ambition in creating my art is not just creating something visually appealing, but it is communicating ideas or inspiring the imagination of others and by doing so I have made a connection with people who have viewed my art. The type of illustration I love to do the most is the fantastical which includes such genres as horror, fantasy, science fiction, steam punk, fairy tales, and folk lore. I am also a big H.P. Lovecraft fan and I often do a variety of Lovecraftian artwork including my own version of Cthulhu based off off Lovecraft's own sketch and his descriptions. I am also a fan of Douglas Adams and Lewis Carroll's work and I am currently working on a project that combines Carroll's work, the Steampunk Genre and the History of the Opium War.

I also have a side interest in the written word and I enjoy writing haiku and short stories.

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