Thursday, April 2, 2015

Evil Teletubbies Photo Manipulation

This was a quick and fun little photo manipulation I did of a Teletubby parody!
So I thought I would show you the steps I took to make it!

First I took the image and de-saturated the image and blackened out the eyes.

I then overlaid a cracked texture for the faces from my texture library and turned the layer to soft light.

After that I blackened the background.

Then I overlaid a messy art table photo I took in college for a texture. I copied this texture twice, turn one upside down, turned one layer to soft light and another to multiply. I then darkened the edges.

Nearing the end I painted in mist with some textured brushes.

Lastly, I used a photo filter to cool down the image to make it a bit scarier and to make it look like they were in the dark.