The following is a collection of testimonials from clients,   colleagues and other professionals concerning my work ethic, my professionalism, and my ability to produce as a freelance illustrator and concept artist.

What attracted me to this artist was his Lovecraftian flair, but why I commission him is due to his attentiveness, his easy step-by-step approach for getting the results that I want, his like-mindedness in creativity and far-reaching ability to please!  Never have I met an artist so consumed by his passion, it shows in his work.  I have yet to feel buyers remorse on anything I've received.
Nathan Maher --- Writer - Game Designer

I found Mr. White on DeviantArt, specifically only looking for artists whose work I liked - the fact that he was already very familiar with the Lovecraft mythos was an unexpected bonus.  I commissioned a number of pieces from him, with a variety of styles and content, and was uniformly impressed with both the quality and the quickness of his work. I found Mr. White to be quite adept at taking a few lines of guidance as to what I was looking for, pulling in his own flair for ideas, and producing remarkable work. We will definitely be working together in the future.
 Jim Phillips ---- Writer - Game Designer

I recently hired Tobias White to do some illustrations for my website.  I was very impressed not only with his magical artistic talent, but also with his speed and professionalism.  He communicated promptly and clearly throughout all phases of the project and was very adept at making changes as needed in response to my requests.  I recommend him highly and wouldn't hesitate to hire him for future projects.  An amazing artist and an amazing guy!!
Rebecca Stilner --- Dog Trainer - Entrepreneur
"Tobias and I worked together to develop world and character concepts for an expansive hybrid computer game product. His concepts were strong, his enthusiasm was boundless, and he never failed to approach every challenge with fierce dedication and an open mind. I'd work with him again without hesitation."                          
Patrick Kapera --- Writer - Editor - Game Designer at Crafty games

"Tobias White is a talented illustrator and visual development artist with a great work ethic and commitment to his client's needs. He has a diverse combination of skills and is a great problem-solver. His artistic skills also include conceptual development and he is a great guy to have early in the creative process to help with ideas and approaches."