Monday, September 2, 2013

Ready to be a Spook?

I am proud to announce that I am part of a new and upcoming tabletop roleplaying game called Spooks Welcome to the Great Beyond by Nathan Reese Maher. Spooks is a family friendly RPG that is easy to learn and is set in the afterlife, but the afterlife isn't what we expected at all! The game can be learned in a manner of minutes but offer hundreds upon hundreds of hours of game play. In Spooks you can play a variety of spirits and undead which include Bhoots, Dolls, Ghosts, Vampires and much much more.  While playing these unearthly characters you can have them socialize in the great city of Necropolis, call out to the Spirit Realm for knowledge, or explore the Dream Realm for riches. My role in this game is that of the primary artist, but I have also help shaped the game. However, art is never free and Nathan needs your help in getting the funds to afford the art that he wants in the book for a quality gaming product.

This is where you can help, Nathan has started a kickstarter campaign with a minimum goal of only $3,000 but with a high goal of $13,000. The more that is donated the more art he can afford. For those of you who don't know Kickstarter is a fundraising campaign in which the general public can help by donating through their credit cards. Whatever you donate is not taken off your credit card until the both the goal is achieved and fundraising campaign is finished so it makes it fair for both sides. Help us by becoming a spooky backer and also help spread the word on your networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

Ways to Pay!
Normally payments are made to the Kickstarter Campaign through amazon which requires a creditcard, but did you know that a debit card with a sharecheck option on it will work just as well? Yes that is right you can use your debit card if it has one of those small Visa or Mastercard logos on it. Don't have a creditcard or a sharechek debit card? Then you can always pick up a prepaid credit card at Walmart or other fine stores which work just as well! So don't delay, help support our kickstarter today!

Help Show Your Support!
Help show your support of our kickstarter campaign by proudly sporting one of these cool Spooks! Avatars on your FB and forum accounts. Currently we have Bhoots and a Ghost but we will have four different Doll Avatars coming soon! Remember when they ask where you got so Spooky, just send them a link of this blog!

The Setting

The Setting of Spooks is of course set in the afterlife and it is a amalgamation of many if not all different cultural beliefs but with it's own unique foundation of what its society is like and has a strong emphasis on Egyptian lore. However, when the book is finished there will be a chapter about storytelling and in this chapter you will find that there can be more than one great beyond, so the setting will be very flexible to play the game YOU want to play! This allows you to have different flavors of campaign approaches. Perhaps you want to play a game similar to the movie Beatlejuice or maybe you want something closer to how the afterlife is in the movie Frighteners and have haunt or hunt haunt fest? Or perhaps you want something a little more Lovecraftian? 
In fact, we have plans that will be . . . infecting . . . Lovecraftian lore into the world of Spooks and it is something that I will be having a personal hand in creating; the void holds many dark mysteries that even drive the dead mad! 

The Races

Bhoots: One of the undead races you can play in Spooks are the Bhoots. Bhoots are corporeal undead who died in a tragic death or who were murdered. They are hard to track because their foot prints are backwards, they can summon ghost fire which can provide light but can also set things quickly on fire and they can also handle incorporeal objects that normally can only be handled by spooks like ghosts and wraiths.

Dolls: Another race of undead that you can play are dolls. The innocent or very young that have died arrive in the afterlife as a spirit that inhabits various constructs. Such constructs include rag dolls, suits of armor, mannequins, toys and anything that your imagination allows. Dolls are powerful magic users, they can detach their limbs (which can then act independent of the body), and they can repair themselves if damaged with the appropriate skills.

The there are six additional undead you can play which include zombies, vampires, skeletons, ghouls, wraiths, and ghosts.

 The Magic!
Spooks uses a unique magic system based on magic points and two different decks of playing cards. One deck represents the powers of the Spider and the other the powers of the Bone. As you play through the game, your character may gain cards for their personal deck. Each card represents a different spell and with a different cost. In addition, you can also enhance your other action rolls with these spell cards in addition to the magic point cost to help grant success. Any normal deck of playing cards will work as long as the backs of the two decks are different, so that one represents Bones and the other Spider. However, official Spooks card decks will be available in the future.

More than one way to play!

 There are three breed of roleplayers out in the world which include tabletop, video, and live action roleplayers. We have tabletop covered and maybe someday we will get a Spooks video game made, but until then Nathan Maher is also including rules for live action play which will be included in the core rule book. Like with most larping game, props are used which is why it is so easy to include live action rules into Spooks. One of the reasons that makes the conversion so easy is that the magic system of using cards already starts the player off with a way to display when they are casting a spell. Dressing the part will be easy for the most part since all undead type have human form and normal Halloween masks and costume makeup will do. This is just another reason to support this game.

 See the Art Come to Life!
Check out the first video of the making of the artwork! Another video to come soon!


More updates to come on this post the sooner we get closer to our goals! So come back often, help support us by backing us on kickstarter and or sharing us on FB and Twitter . . . oh and now don't forget, enter the contest below to win free promotional posters.

Poster Giveaway Contest!

 We have a winner, Bjorn Bonten has just won all three posters and it will be mailed to him shortly. We will give notice if we hold another raffle!

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