Monday, March 15, 2010

Some more Eye fun

Since we were allowed to use the 3D program of our choice if we had it I decided to do my 3D eye in Maya as it has been awhile since I did any work inside of Maya. It is kind of funny because I recently had acquired the 2010 Maya and had not time to play with it. There appears to be some neat stuff in it since the last time I used it. For instance there are now muscle effects. Hope I will have time to learn it.

Here is the close up shot of my own eye that we were suppose to do. Rather easy assignment especially since I have a decent camera. So it is always a joy when I can take advantage of it.

Decided to play with the photo shot a little bit in Photoshop and give myself green eyes. However me being me I wondered what I would look like with an unnatural green eye. I like it : )