Sunday, February 22, 2015

A return to blogging and news of Spooks! Mortal Intrusion

               Hi everyone, I was to apologize from my absence of doing blog posts. Sometimes life can get very hectic and there is only so much time or energy I can gather to get thing done that I want done. I do want to return to have blog articles done on a regular basis.

Spooks! WTTGB: Mortal Intrusion
More money means more time I can work on art!
               I will start off by announcing a new Spooks! Welcome to the Great Beyond book called Mortal Intrusion is currently in the works, but not only am I the main artist again, but I am also the co-author. However, while the first book has been published it is a still a budding company, so we are turning to Kickstarter once again to help generate funds. We are doing this so that we have the time to work on the game  because time is money and that is what needed to complete the book! So please check out the Kickstarter video below, visit our Kickstarter page to become a backer by donating or if you can't donate then by spreading the word of our game because word of mouth is a powerful thing.
Spooks! WTTGB Mortal Intrusion KickStarter

Spooks! WTTGB & Mortal Intrusion
               If you don't already know, Spooks! Welcome to the Great Beyond is a game set in the afterlife and beyond where players take the roles of the deceased and have adventures because the afterlife wasn't what we expected at all! The game is a classless point buy skill game system allowing players to customize their characters anyway they see fit. While there are no traditional classes like you might find in games such as Dungeons and Dragons, but in a sense there are races like in D&D because in Spooks! you get to choose what type of dead spirit you rise as. Your character may be a skeleton, a ghost or even a vampire, but you are not just limited to those choices! Lastly the game is centered around being family friendly, educational because much of the content is based on actual Earth history and best of all your character can never die because you're already dead!

               Now comes along Spooks! Mortal Intrusion which is all about the more lively side of Spooks Welcome to the Great Beyond. In the first book we barely mentioned the living because the focus on on the dead, but of course our fans wanted to haunt and also wanted to play mortals, however we felt that the mortal side deserved its own book! In mortal intrusion you take on the role of Common Folk or Divergents, Divergents are human mortals who have extraordinary ability through either magical bloodlines or evolution. For example, you can player Divergents such as ESPers who are psychics and telekinetics or the mighty Zoonthropes which include Werewolves, but you are not limited to choosing that form for you could easily become lions, tigers, and bears . . . Oh My! In Mortal Intrusion you adventure both in the living world where you can experience the supernatural, clandestine agencies, and more, but not only that there are ways to crossover into the Great Beyond and still be alive and adventure there as well! However, unlike the core game, in Mortal Intrusion your character can and will probably die, it is just a matter of when it will happen, but do not worry because if you die then you just rise as the undead and keep on adventuring!

We are also holding a contest which is free and easy to enter and the prize is that you get to have your very own NPC (non player character) in the book which will have its own portrait and you get to decide what their personality will be like, what they are and what they look like! Follow the link to enter
Mortal Intrusion Contest!
               If you win then you get to have your own NPC (non-player character) that will be featured in the book who will play a role in the history of the book and have its own portrait. Plus you get to decide their personality, how they look and what kind of Spook or Divergent they are! Here is the catch though, there can be only one winner and the winner will either be on the Spooks side or the Mortal side. Entry is easy but winning can be hard.

**********Rules **********

1) To enter the contest you must have “liked” our official Spooks Welcome to the Great beyond Facebook page and “liked” either the “Vote Spooks” or the “Vote Mortals” photo. Voting for both sides or not voting for the page is grounds for disqualification.
2) To win the contest whatever “Vote for” photo gets the most likes will be the winning side. From the list of names from the “likes” on that winning photo we will randomly draw all eligible one winner.
3)The contest will starts today 2/12/2015 and ends on Saturday 3/21/2015.

**********Increasing your odds of winning:********* 

               The best way to increase your odds of winning is by making sure the side you vote for has the most votes! So if you want your side to win and increase your chances of winning then share this post and get your friends to enter the contest as well!