Monday, March 2, 2015

The Art of Mortal Intrusion

In my last blog entry I introduced our new kickstarter for Spooks! Mortal Intrusion. To this date we are currently 57% funded of our minimum goal but if we don't meet our minimum goal by the deadline then we don't get funded. In order to inspire everyone to be backers or at least supporters who will spread the word around I have created new character art for the game it self.

Introducing Espers, who are Divergents who are the psychic archetype of the game. Espers come in many varieties such as telepaths, telekinetics, pyrokenetics and many more. They are powerful but they are often hunted because common folk fear them and often mistake them as witches! To sweeten the deal I have created to speed videos of my painting process! So please enjoy them and if you are so inclined become a backer or helps spread the word or do both! Every little bit helps and the more we pull in the better the book will be!