Thursday, May 31, 2012

Webcam Symmetry Paint Over

I forget where I first learned the technique but I was reintroduced to this creative process in my digital illustration class. Most webcams these days have programs that come with them that allows you to do funny optical effects. One of these effects is the mirror function and this can be a great art tool in creating fantastical creatures.
1. Simply set up your camera to mirror mode.
2. Crunch up some paper (junk mail is great).
3. Hold the paper into the field of view of the camera but from an
4. Angle where you hand doesn't show.
5. Rotate the paper until you see a form on your screen you find interesting. Think of it like seeing objects a people in cloud formations.
6. Repeat this process many times.
7.Open up these digital files in your favorite painting program.
8.Now start to do a paint over changing the shape into something more recognizable. Treat it like a speed painting but you have all you colors and values already there. Don't spend more than an hour painting.

These bottom two pics are just pieces of paper mirrored in a webcam.

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