Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Animal Field Sketches

 During my second to last semester at Cal State Fullerton I had the honor to take Tina Schmidt's Wild Life Drawing class. We learned a great deal about animal anatomy and how their bodies moved. We also went on a lot of field trips in which we had to do a heavy load of sketches in our field books. We also learned different sketching mediums, like using pen brushes and felt tip, which taught us to go with the flow and to not worry about mistakes. It was a rewarding experience, because I learned a lot and what I learned will carry on through out my career.

Of the trips we took, the trip to the L.A. ZOO was by far my favorite because of the shear variety of animals they have there. If you want a true challenge to sketch, then the sea otters at the entrance is where it is at. If you want a creature who is a ham and loves to pose for you, then check out the meerkats as they make good models, although they tend to do a lot of Napoleon poses. My favorite was studying the komodo dragons, they move but move slow and are fascinating to watch.

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