Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Evolution of Cthulhu

 When I began getting into digital painting I decided I needed not only be able to do a variety of things but to also have a niche at something I would be really good at and known for painting. Cthulhu one day caught my eye and that started my niche and my love for the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Through the natural exploration of being known as Cthulhu and the progression of my artistic skills I have watch him seemingly evolve slowly over the years as I explored his form. From this I learned how much variation and exploration can be done in visual development which is the career I now pursue. From top to bottom you can witness how much and how many different forms I went through to get to his latest incarnation. I also learned not to work in a vacuum and found that the more research you do for a certain project the easier the process. Such reference include photo references of similar things and reading up on the descriptions of the original author. In fact one of the best resources I found was sketch that Lovecraft did himself of Cthulhu and it helped me form my own design. Cthulhu will probably continue to evolve for me but I glad for that as it will keep me fresh when it comes to visual development.

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